Return the Military to its original Purpose (To Kill People and Break Things)

Personally, I love the fact that President Trump has a penchant for hiring retired generals.  However, there are two distinct types of military leaders:  those who are boot-licking sycophants who will do anything to get a higher command and those who will stand up for what is right for those willing to put their very lives on the line, if duty demands it, in order to defend this country.

Gen. John Kelly, Trump’s new chief-of-staff, is squarely in the latter category.   Last Wednesday, two days before Trump announced that Gen. Kelly would be assuming this post, Trump tweeted that he is ending the policy of accepting transsexuals in the military.  Although, Gen. Kelly has never spoken out on this issue, one can assume that he agrees with the policy or he never would have accepted this position.

Although, the Pentagon has stated that no change will be made until it gets the official order in writing, it is only a matter of time before this latest Obama effort to weaken our military is headed for the dust bin.

It should be noted that the military never asked that the policy barring transsexuals from military service be lifted.  It simply was imposed by Obama last June, a mere six months before he was headed out the door.

The Center for Military Readiness has issued a comprehensive 19-page report on the Obama directives, which documents how our 44th president began laying the groundwork for this destructive policy in June 2015, and how it continued through the early days of the Trump Administration via Obama holdovers.

Thankfully, the military has not actively recruited those suffering from gender dysphasia.  That was supposed to begin on July 31.   However, the Trump administration put a temporary hold on that directive, which may save many disturbed young people from undergoing a costly, painful surgeries they may live to regret. Meanwhile, service members who claim to be struggling with this disorder, were encouraged to come forward during this time which was, no doubt, designed to strengthen the Obama Administration’s position.

Kelly, like Trump, has no tolerance for political correctness.  In 2016, when the Obama Administration announced that it was lifting the ban on women in ground combat, but would not be lowering the standards for these positions, Gen. Kelly scoffed, “There will be great pressure, whether it’s 12 months from now, four years from now, because the questions will be asked whether we’ve let women into these other roles, why aren’t they staying in those other roles.  Why aren’t they advancing as infantry people?”

Kelly has learned from experience.  He has been a Marine for 45 years and during that time he has seen the standards lowered in our service academies, in basic training and in other specialities in order to insure that women get these assignments.  Kelly made it clear to the Obama Administration that any change in the military should be made only if that change will make units more lethal.  “If the answer is ‘No,’ clearly don’t do it,” said Kelly.  “If the answer to that is, ‘It shouldn’t hurt,’ I would suggest that we shouldn’t do it, because it might hurt.” Of course the Obama Administration did it anyway.

Who in their right mind would think that having women in combat units will help those units survive?  Many years ago the Israeli military tried this experiment with disastrous results.

It may not be fair that the average man is 6 inches taller, 30 pounds heavier and, more importantly, has 42 percent more upper body strength than the average woman, but it’s reality.

And while we are on that subject, who in their right mind would think that giving a man female hormones and reconstructive surgery will make him more of a lean, mean fighting machine?  Who in their right mind would think that giving a woman male hormones and reconstructive surgery will give her the physical edge necessary to compete with the average man?

Ever hear of military necessity?  There is no military necessity of having those with gender dysphasia serve in the military as there was no military necessity for placing women in direct ground combat units.  It is not only foolish and a waste of taxpayer dollars, but it will needlessly cost lives and cause heartbreak.  Gen. Kelly knows about that heartbreak.  He is the highest ranking military officer to lose a son in Iraq or Afghanistan

Hopefully, with Kelly alongside Trump in the White House, we will soon see the military returned to its original purpose — to kill people and break things — not used as a laboratory for social experimentation.

5 thoughts on “Return the Military to its original Purpose (To Kill People and Break Things)

  1. Truth to Power Jane! I too believe the country is on the right track. For the past couple of years my nephew, Sergei, has attempted to come visit me in California, and the “Obummer” administration regularly denied him a visa! (Yet they welcomed millions over the mexican border.)

    I can personally say that our government has changed for the better. Two weeks ago Sergei was allowed into the U.S., I think because of the intelligence of the Trump Administration. Sergei is very interested in aviation and rockets and missles. Thanks to a very accomodating Congressman (Thanks Mr Rohrbacher!) we were able to get him access to a couple of military installations, which impressed him greatly. He took many pictures and videos which he said he will share with his friends back home.

    Bottom line, our country is finally on the right track and doing the right things militarily to make our country great again! USA!


    1. That is good to hear & Dana Rohrbacher is one of the few “keepers” in Congress. Interestingly, Israel is one of the easiest countries to enter and exit, because it does screening the right way.


  2. “…any change in the military should be made only if that change will make units more lethal.” The truth of this statement qualifies it to be the 12th Commandment (the 11th is Reagan’s quote about badmouthing fellow Republicans). The question remains, why would anyone do anything with our military without testing the change against this truth? The suggested answer is “those who would not, have lost (or never had) the ability to reason and apply sound judgment to important situations.” Acquiring knowledge is not the end game, the knowledge must be assessed with a sound and honest mind to acquire wisdom and with wisdom comes discernment or the ability to make correct decisions.


  3. How foolish of you to see this as a legitimate effort on Trump’s part, coming as it did as a stupid tweet in the midst of a spike in the Russia mess he’s embroiled in.

    And how foolish of you to think that kicking people out of the military based on transgenderism is a good thing. Even without thought to your comments on killing/breaking, there are likely many, many transgender people in the military who are behind desks and such. But throw them all out, what the heck.

    And don’t bother to learn if they’re contributing to military preparedness or not. Just write something stupid about hormones and height, apply it to your bias, and push “submit.” Sigh …


  4. Women can be lawyers, doctors, scientists, serve in stateside support units in the military…and be excellent patriot columnists. But they cannot, and should not, be rangers, SEALs, or even straight leg infantrymen. God help us if our military, so full of girlies and girly men, should meet North Koreans on the ground. They can’t even subdue the Taliban.
    I’m afraid Trump trusts the military and police too much. All too many generals and admirals are neocons, leftists, and unprincipled CFR members. I have serious doubts about “Mad Dog” Mattis, and General McMaster is a slimy snake from the uttermost depths of the swamp. Trump should have fired him on day one.


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