March for Life vs. Women’s March: A Study in Contrasts

Last weekend saw tens of thousands flock to Washinton, DC and major cities throughout the United States to exercise a basic right of individuals in a free society:  The right to rally and march in support of a cause:  One side gathered to support life; the other side gathered to support the right to take the life of the most vulnerable among us, a child in the womb.

Forty-five years after the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, the two sides show up on or near the anniversary of arguably the most controversial decision ever handed down by the nation’s highest court, a decision that now hangs by a legal thread.

However, for the last two years, the pro-abortion side has morphed into an anti-Trump protest. Homosexuals, transexuals, illegal immigrants, witches, prostitutes, socialists filled the streets along with women who were not shy about expressing their distaste for the current occupant of the White House.

The marches were a study in contrasts:  One march was angry, loud, disrespectful and crude.  The other peaceful, respectful and at times even joyful.  

A quick survey of the signs that were highlighted in the media tells the story:  Here’s my list of the best and worst.

On the Pro-Life side, these get my vote:

  • My Birth Mom Walked out of Planned Parenthood and Chose life.  60,086,776+  Didn’t.  I Walk for Them.
  • Pretend I am a Tree & Save Me
  • A Person Is a Person No Matter How Small (Dr. Seuss)
  • Your Mom Chose Life
  • Smile You Weren’t Aborted
  • I’m Marching so Babies Can be Adopted by Wonderful Families Like I Was.  (Carried by a young girl)
  • A Woman in the Womb Has a Right to Her Own Body
  • I’m with Her (Drawing showing a baby being aborted)
  • Pro-Life; Pro-Science
  • You body Has Its Own DNA, That Makes Them Separate Humans
  • Keep Your Philosophy off my Biology (With drawing of 20 week old unborn child in the womb with these captions:  MY HEART BEATS.  I HAVE EYELASHES, FINGERNAILS AND FINGERPRINTS.  I CAN SEE LIGHT.  I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE.  I HAVE A UTERUS TOO.)
  • Fewer Women Would Have Abortions if Wombs Had Windows.
  • If Only Every Mother Could See Her Unborn Child a Few Years down the Road, Abortions Would not Exist
  • Thank You President Trump for Ending Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Abroad.  Indians for life (Held by a woman in a sari)
  • Make Unborn Babies Great Again!
  • Make America Safe Again…for Babies!

I promised a list of the worst signs and I must apologize for some of the crude content.

  • If I Had a D – – K  I’d Pull It Out and P – – S on Them (drawing of testicles)
  • I’d Call Trump a C – – T but He Lacks Depth and Warmth
  • I Wish My Uterus Shot Bullets so the Government Wouldn’t Regulate It
  • My P – – – Y Is Your Worst Nightmare
  • Vaginas Brought You into the World: Vaginas will Take You out!
  • P – – – – – S in Formation
  • This Machine Kills Fascists (Picture of uterus and ovaries)
  • You’ve P – – – – D off Grandma
  • B – – – – – S Get S – – T Done
  • I Could S – – T a Better President
  • Disobey (Picture of the president)

I could say more but I think those holding these signs speak for themselves.

Another interesting contrast is the amount of coverage given these two marches by the mainstream media.  According to statistics from the Media Research Center the big three networks devoted a combined total of 2:06 to the March for Life on their nightly newscasts while giving the Women’s March a total of 6:43.

The biggest difference in these two movements is that help is available for pregnant women in crisis, not through taxpayer funds, but through those in the pro-life movement.  As this sign at the March for Live indicates.

  • You Are not Alone; We Will Help You.

In contrast, the pro-abortion crowd wants to force taxpayers to pay for all abortions, enriching abortionists who are making a killing in this dirty business, both literally and figuratively.

The so called pro-choice movement seeks to keep women in the dark.  They fight the most basic informed consent laws that would allow women seeking abortions to see the actual pictures of their babies in the womb before making those choices.  How can a movement that works hard to keep women in the dark be pro-woman?  One of the all too familiar signs at pro-live rallies is this:

  • I Regret My Abortion

I have met and interviewed many of these women.  However, I have yet to met a woman who will say, “I regret giving my child life.”

One thought on “March for Life vs. Women’s March: A Study in Contrasts

  1. Good reporting. A serious, life and death subject, but I’ve got to admit, some of the signs brought some laughs. They proved that just because the sign carrier was a woman does not mean she is a lady. And classifying her as a woman does a great disservice to women also. The sign with a 60 million number signifies the horrendous magnitude of this Supreme Court decision (Roe v Wade) and further points to Congress for neglecting the comment in the Supreme Court ruling that stated that Congress needed to pass some legislation that would nullify the Roe v Wade decision. Just a typical case of someone in Washington passing the buck to someone else, in this case, Congress. I wonder what the Supreme Court Justices find so elusive in the statement in one of our Founding Documents about “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” with life being the foundation of the following two: Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.


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