Dreamers, Screamers and Schemers

President Trump’s latest immigration offer is baffling to say the least.  After winning a great victory over Democrats in their short-lived government shutdown, Trump appears to have caved.

Despite what the perpetual white-flag-waving Mitch McConnell said about the president’s demands for a DACA deal being unclear, they were understood by most clear-thinking Americans:  amnesty for some 800,000 DACA young people in exchange for funding the border wall, and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery.  All these things were enormously popular with Americans all across the political spectrum, Democrats in Congress excluded who are united on only one thing:  their opposition to Trump.

So why, oh why, did Trump more than double his original offer to include, not only the DACA recipients, but another million or so who couldn’t qualify or wouldn’t bother to qualify for DACA.  Furthermore, he is offering not simple amnesty: the right to stay, live and work in the greatest country on earth, but citizenship to boot.  

And that’s not all.  He offered to let all those in the chain migration pipeline, many of whom are unable to care for themselves, be first in line for the next umpteen years, supplanting those with the skills to be successful here, who will not drain American taxpayers.

Trump had those Democrat leaders over a barrel.  It appears they had no choice but to accept a plain vanilla ice cream cone, but instead he is offering them a hot fudge sundae, complete with nuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top.  What’s up with that?

There is just no telling what might have happened if Trump had opened up all future immigration discussions with Democrat leaders and their clone Lindsey Graham, to the media.  They would have to be reasonable or suffer the consternation of voters next November.  So why, oh why, did he cave now?

Was it to call their bluff?   Did the Almighty show him that Democrats were ready to walk the plank on this issue, no matter what?  Was it to appease Republicans who want to do the bidding of their big business donors who want a steady stream of cheap labor?

What about those 800,000 or so young people who were brought here as small children who know no other country who dutifully registered under DACA and just want a chance?

Somehow, I suspect that many of them are wise enough to realize they are being used as political pawns by the Democrats and some Republicans

Frankly, I don’t blame their parents for coming here.   Had my family lived in one of the  poorer countries to the south, I would hope they would have made this journey in order to give us a better life.   There was every incentive to come and virtually no downside except for American citizens who have seen their taxes rise, their entry-level jobs disappear and wages lowered or stagnate.

But unlike those early arrivals and all those legal immigrants who have played by the rules, we have a new generation of recent arrivals who feel entitled.  Little wonder.   Slowly our elected representatives have allowed non-citizens to tap into our generous welfare benefits that were originally designed to help citizens who found themselves temporarily in need.  The Obama Administration compounded the problem by presenting all recent arrivals, both legal and illegal, with a little booklet showing them how to live off American taxpayers.  Obama even turned the Department of Homeland Security into a channel for dependancy.  Thankfully, that stopped under President Trump.

Little wonder that many who broke into the country now feel entitled.  They flood our schools, take our jobs, flaunt our laws, clog our emergency rooms and expect the most basic of care without paying a dime.  They angrily take to our streets, shouting, shaking their fists and carrying hateful, even shameful signs directed toward this country and our president.

Let’s be clear.  By capitulating to the Democrats and these angry mobs, Trump is opening the floodgates to those who broke into this country as little as five years ago or simply last week, claiming to be underage when they arrived.  Some were gang members, drug mules, smugglers and worse.   They had no papers and we released them into the country for what?  So they can demand every right of citizenship and now, thanks to Trump, even citizenship itself.

America is a compassionate country.  While we can see the benefits of giving amnesty to DACA recipients if Trump is allowed to seal the border and stop the flow once and for all, these angry mobs and opportunist lawmakers make even DACA a hard sell.


3 thoughts on “Dreamers, Screamers and Schemers

  1. This is the same Trump who has had a full year to fire top officials of the FBI, BATF, and the intelligence agencies and replace them with honorable patriots who will clean house. Incredibly, most of the traitors are still in place. The FBI continues to do “Muslim outreach” and tell local police that White nationalists, not Muslims are the real threat to our country. Trump has also left Hussein Obama’s people in charge of ICE, and the agency continues to fly illegal aliens first class (!) all over the country and release them.

    I am afraid that we may have suffered our final betrayal. Everything now hinges on the memo that may expose many of the crimes of FBI and DOJ officials…if Trump releases it. It may (or may not) lead to further investigations and releases of information that could uncover even worse crimes…depend on it…of the federal agencies, the DNC, and the Clintons.

    The worst thing Trump could possibly do now is to keep the memo a secret after virtually promising to release it.


  2. Baffling to say the least. Legal immigrants feel it is a slap in the face and the tax paying American a real insult and a stealing of their hard earned wages and hope for Social Security in later years, while benefits are going to ungrateful demanding DACA that wave colors of foreign flags.Would be nice a little respect and a ‘thank you’. I only pray Trump has something better up his sleeve.


  3. An interesting week with a seemingly unwarranted retreat by out President. However, trust has been lacking in Trump supporters. Shame on you! Strategy has been at work. While I had some questioning reservations about the so-called “offer” that was advanced, I had some confidence in my President, knowing that he so often comes out on top. Very likely he had some Democrat leakers or insiders who surreptitiously informed the “deal maker/expert negotiator” the reaction of the opposition to his offer – that they would refuse it, no matter how attractive it appeared. Confident in his maneuvering, he has proven that the Democrats are two-faced and are using the DACA qualifiers and all the other disgusting protesters as pawns in this “chess game.” Unfortunately the DACA qualifiers and their chummy cohorts probably won’t absorb this fact and continue supporting their traitorous Democrat politicians, to their detriment. With the Democrat refusal to cooperate gives President Trump a lot of ammunition to reverse the unConstitutional DACA Executive Order and return to Constitutional governing. I’m not the negotiator that President Trump is so I cannot predict the next moves, but I trust he will do the best he can for America on his way to MAGA. I also would like to admonish the people who jump to false conclusions way too quickly! Chill out! Stay supportive of the best President we’ve had in decades, he deserves your trust, confidence and backing in his strategic maneuvers. Thanx.


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