Senate Punts on Defunding Planned Parenthood, Again

Last week  Sen. Ron Paul (D-Ken) succeeded in getting a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood and, in doing so, exposed his party’s hypocrisy on two important issues:  protecting life  and ending deficit spending.

Planned Parenthood is arguably one of the most evil organizations in America.  Thanks to the efforts of undercover journalists this organization was caught red-handed trying to sell the body parts of little aborted babies, which is illegal.

However, to date, Planned Parenthood has managed to escape prosecution, claiming the charges only covered doctors’ fees and transportation, despite what was said on these nauseating videos.  Meanwhile,  the filmmakers involved in the investigation are still fighting off lawsuits.

The outrage is compounded by the fact that Congress has been giving this fat-cat, highly political organization a half billion of our hard-earned tax dollars each year.   With the Republican Party — the party that has pledged to protect life — in control, reasonable people who put all these lawmakers in office expected this to end.  

With the current leadership, we now know that this is rhetoric, nothing more.  Furthermore, the GOP’s pledge to reduce the deficit and balance the nation’s budget is a pipe dream readily sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

The vote last week involved an amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Defense appropriations bills.  These were lumped together in the Senate in in effort to avoid another omnibus bill at the end of the nation’s fiscal year in September, which President Trump has vowed to veto.  These must-pass omnibus bills, which contain all the unpassed appropriations bills, always lead to more unnecessary spending.   So what we have here is a mini omnibus bill, which exceeds the spending caps by almost $100 billion, and McConnell was determined to get it out the door without too much scrutiny.

However, due to the perseverance of the junior senator from Kentucky, who openly criticized leadership for attempting to block his amendment from ever coming to the floor, he got his vote.    The amendment failed, as expected, due to the fact that current Senate leadership chooses to keep the arcane filibuster rule in place that requires a super majority to do almost everything.  This allows the minority party to block important pieces of legislation, insures runaway spending and allows those in the majority often to hide their true intent.

Nevertheless, the vote was instructive.  Two pro-abortion Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who are not up for re-election in 2018, voted against the amendment as did Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of Indiana, who are all facing serious challenges in November.

Regardless of one’s position on abortion, reasonable voters should make defunding Planned Parenthood a national priority.   Why?  According to current law, taxpayer funds are not to be used to fund abortions.   Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider.  It ends the lives of 320,000 babies a year.  It’s Planned Parenthood’s primary business.  Money is fungible.  Any attempt to say otherwise is laughable.  Although Planned Parenthood tries to tell you it performs other health services for women, most of those services are tied to its abortion business.  If Planned Parenthood gives a woman aspirin after an abortion, that’s counted as a “service.”

Also, this is one of the wealthiest organizations in America raking in over $1.5 billion per year.  It spends some $130 million on political activities alone and receives some $400 million in donations a year. Furthermore, it doesn’t do those abortions for free.   In short, Planned Parenthood doesn’t need our hard-earned money.

So don’t let any of these senators tell you they have to run up deficit spending, while they are handing out a half billion to Planned Parenthood.  That is a cruel joke.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has turned out its Health and Human Services bill without funding Planned Parenthood.  Once the bill passes the full House it will have to be reconciled with the Senate bill.  Then it will come back to the Senate floor for a vote where it will only need a simple majority to pass.   The real fight will be behind closed doors. McConnell will ensure the final bill funds Planned Parenthood so he can avoid a fight on the floor and won’t have to defend his stated principles.    It will be all or nothing.   We have to do this in order to fund the government. Take it or leave it.

It’s the hight of hypocrisy!  Don’t be fooled.

4 thoughts on “Senate Punts on Defunding Planned Parenthood, Again

  1. Jane; God bless Paul; he keeps trying; abortion is nothing more than, pure and simple, MURDER! PP should be tried, convicted and jailed for this…all them participating. We can hope and pray that Paul and those voting with him will continue their fight. We can also hope that the five? that voted this down will burn in hell and not be re-elected.
    Prayer, all need to be in prayer re: this and then have the faith and courage to stand up to our DC people…


  2. Ah! woe is me as I contemplate the hypocrisy that dwells in what was once The Hallowed Halls of Congress! America such a blight on our good name how will history recount your days. Do you ever hear the screams of tormented babies torn from mothers womb just to be cut on the petrie dish. My God how could I stand before you and not have cried out against this abomination!


  3. @Monica, I like your poem and wish the reproduction above had remained in poetic lines that I’m sure you entered. Classical non-rhyming verse. Beautifully done and recognizable in paragraph form but better read in poetic lines. You have talent in this classical form. I’m a recent reader of some of Anne Bronte’s rhyming classical verse, preferred over her sisters’ (Charlotte’s and Emily’s) poems. I’m dabbling in this form as I write about the MIA’s return from North Korea. Lost but now found, after decades! Word selection and placement hint of everlasting beauty, regardless of the subject matter. (I am at if you wish to comment.)

    @Jane, Wonderful presentation of this national horror. We have far surpassed the Nazis of WWII by about tenfold in our own genocide, that of the defenseless unborn. I wonder at the consequences of those responsible when they come to Judgment. I wonder if they have the slightest touch of ill-doing as they progress through their days and when looking in a mirror. Do you think they see themselves as they actually are? And the Supreme Court dodged the issue in 1973 with Roe v Wade, tossing the ball back to the Congress to avoid a defining decision, probably knowing that Congress would be paralyzed and never act. The Supremes’ prophesy has been accurate so far. This one issue could be a major part of our nation’s eventual demise. God is NOT smiling!!


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