McCain’s Funeral Punchback

It is considered disrespectful to say anything bad about someone who is deceased.  However, when the deceased punches back at an enemy from the dead, all bets are off.

We know that Senator McCain spent months planning every detail of his extended farewell and funeral services.  These events were of the kind and duration normally reserved for heads-of-state.   However, I would hope that the decision that was made to disinvite President Trump and Sarah Palin came from his family and not the senator himself.

McCain professed to be a Christian.  Only the good Lord knows the truth of one’s conviction.  It is not for me to judge.  However, Jesus commanded us to forgive one another.  In fact, the prayer that He taught us to pray says, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” We are to “love our enemies.”   Any sincere Christain knows that is not only difficult, it is next to impossible without the Lord’ help.  It is something that I have struggled with, perhaps more than any other of His precepts.

With that in mind, I can only hope that if the senator really meant to strike out at his enemies from the grave, that desire passed before he went to his eternal resting place.  

Nevertheless, since we have had an endless week of Trump bashing over his treatment of McCain before and after his death, as well as an embellishment of the senator’s political record, ad nauseam,  it is important to set the record straight, not to disparage the man, but the process.

It was McCain, not Trump, who started the feud between these two men.  In July, 2015, Trump held an impressive rally in McCain’s home state of Arizona after which McCain called those who attended “crazies.”  Trump, who was well-known as a counterpuncher, fired back inartfully saying McCain “was a war hero because he was captured.  I like people who weren’t captured.”

That was inappropriate.   Anyone who has put his life on the line to serve this country is a hero and no one —not even a president — can take away.

However, Trump often goes where no one else would dare go.  Like it or not, that is what made him successful in 2016, and that is why he was elected president.  The country was in bad shape with no hope of a turnaround, thanks to members of both political parties in Washington’s entrenched establishment who represent their big donors, not the people who sent them to Washington.   The majority of Trump’s supporters, tired of the status quo, were willing to forgive him for that remark even though it appears that McCain did not.

To Trump’s credit, he mostly held his tongue after McCain was diagnosed with cancer, even though the fiery senator from Arizona continued to criticize him at every turn, even when the president was on foreign soil, a practice previously considered unthinkable.   Nevertheless, following McCain’s death, Trump respectfully lowered the flag to half staff for the traditional two days of morning for a public official in the U.S. Flag Code.  At the request of the American Legion Trump lowered it once more until McCain’s extended farewell tour had ended.

Trump Tweeted his condolences to the McCain family and later issued a statement saying he respects the Senator’s service to the country.  In addition, he arranged for the Senator’s body to be transported by Air Force Two from Arizona to Washington and saw to it that the family’s wishes were respected and fulfilled.

It would have been disingenuous for Trump to have said much more, and it would have been disrespectful had he attended any of the events to honor McCain’s life. Instead,  Trump sent the vice-president to the Capitol service and his daughter and son-in-law sat through the insults hurled his way at the National Catheral with dignity.

Let’s be clear:  The mainstream media’s non-stop coverage of these drawn-out events was due to the fact that it hated Trump, nothing more.

John McCain’s deciding vote against the repeal of Obamacare, efforts to pass a “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty) bill  and the McCain-Feingold campaign reform bill were celebrated by the media.  However, conservatives viewed them as a broken campaign promise, a flip-flop and an insurance policy to keep political incumbents of all political stripes in office.

McCain also was lauded for his efforts to expand the number of guest workers and H-1B workers favored by his wealthy donors who want an endless supply of cheap labor.

These are important political differences, not a recipe for Sainthood.  May he rest in peace.

One thought on “McCain’s Funeral Punchback

  1. Wow! I thought there would be a few comments from readers like myself. The great hullabaloo about McCain was a liberal maneuver attempting to dig President Trump. And the flags at half-staff for an extended period of time was disgusting, and even more revolting was the unmitigated gall of lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda. It was so overblown it was sickening! I believe I heard that only 31 persons have been given that honor before McCain and that action showed the extent the GD liberals will go in their stinking, silly campaign to discredit President Trump, who was no friend of McCain’s. Sure, McCain was a war hero and endured torture to the point that he could not raise his arms normally, but his years as a POW were greatly overshadowed by his inept service to our country during his political years. If McCain had been a close associate of President Trump, you can bet serious money that all the accolades about McCain and the honor bestowed upon him would have been nonexistent.


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