Look Who is Racist Now

Many years ago I discovered a dirty little secret about left-wing ideologues in the Democratic Party.  Yes, I know these terms are largely redundant.  The few remaining Democrats who don’t fit that description are either political neophytes or hopeless optimists.    They still believe the party line about protecting the poor and working class.

The dirty little secret is that when liberals don’t have an argument they can sell, rather than discuss policy, they call you names.  “Racist” and “sexist” are two of the most overused.

Now, after the Kavanaugh debacle, they have been exposed.  The liberals, who vowed to defeat this brilliant jurist no matter what the cost, have turned that argument back on themselves.  They wanted — and still want — to convict Kavanaugh of sexual assault with no evidence simply because he is a white male.  

There was a time in our history when racism and sexism were real problems.  However, in the 21st century, only those who have turned these vile charter flaws into cottage industries like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Colin Kaepernick and the NOW crowd are still hanging on.  It seemed we had gotten beyond all that until recently.

In the last few weeks, we saw a new kind of racism and sexism rear their ugly heads.  They were on full display against Judge, now Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.   It was shameful!

It reminded me of the movie classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  The film depicted a fictional small town in Alabama in the 1930s where a black man, Tom Robinson played by Brock Peters, was accused of raping a white girl.  Atticus Finch, a widowed white lawyer played by Gregory Peck, had a  strong belief that all people are to be treated fairly, so he defended Robinson.  As a result, he and his children suffered ridicule and rejection by their neighbors.

At the trial Finch proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Robinson could not have done it.  The charge was that Robinson came to the girl’s home at her request to chop up an old chifforobe and he raped and beat her.  However, Finch showed that her injuries, which came to light around that time, indicated that she had been beaten by a left-handed man and Robinson had a crippled left hand.  Finch also pointed out that her father was left-handed and the girl had not been examined by a doctor in order to prove rape.

Robinson then took the stand in his own defense and testified that he assisted the girl because he felt sorry for her because . . .  This doomed his fate.  He was interrupted by the prosecutor who hammered home that he was a black man feeling sorry for a white girl in a town where whites were regarded as superior.

Despite the compelling evidence that should have cleared Robinson, the all-white male jury convicted him anyway.  As Finch leaves the courtroom, the black spectators in the gallery stand to show their respect and Reverend Sykes tells Finch’s young daughter to stand because “your father’s passing.”

However, this sad story doesn’t end here.  Robinson, who had survived a linch mob, is later shot by a sheriff’s deputy who accused him of trying to escape while he was being transferred to prison.

As our modern-day drama unfolded, it was Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) who rose to defend Kavanaugh with a lengthly speech, laying out the facts in such a way that left no doubt that this man had been wrongly accused.  Nevertheless, all but one of those Democrats, who were ideologically opposed to his nomination for Supreme Court justice, voted against his confirmation, in effect, convicting him.

Many in the Democratic party have let it be known that, should they regain control of Congress, they intend to impeach him simply because they can.

If women want to be treated equally to men, as they should, then they must be held to the same standards of accountability.  They can not make charges without any supporting evidence against a man with whom they are ideologically opposed, and not be held to accountability.

Racism and sexism are always wrong whether it involved a black man in the 1930s or a white man in the 21st century.

Justice failed the fictional Tom Robinson as it failed many black men during that time period.  However, we cannot and must not repeat the same mistakes.  Do we really want to make this country as unsafe for white men as it once was for black men?

Just say “no” to racism and sexism.  And, by the way, you might want to stand when Sen. Susan Collins passes by.

2 thoughts on “Look Who is Racist Now

  1. The Demoncraps are threatening to impeach Kavanaugh and also to “pack” the Supreme Court with at least two more justices. However, they do not control the White House or either branch of Congress…the Republicans do. Unless the Demoncraps can pull off enough vote fraud to win the midterms the Republicans should take their advice and impeach the old witch Ginzberg for alcoholism and senility, and pack the court with two strict constitutionalists.
    That’s probably too much to hope for, given the cowardly nature of the Republicans.


  2. The proceedings were a disgrace as the opposition achieved a new low in civility and seeking justice (NOT!). This display of Nazi-ism was similar to the growing threat to the Jews in the mid- to late 1930’s. Reviewing those days and comparing them to the Democrat Party of today, the similarities are frightening. As the war against the Jews progressed into phase 5 in the early 1940’s the severe clampdown, then the lies, then the elimination of MILLIONS of human beings was the outcome. I can visualize similar progressive threats to Conservatives as they are painted as enemies of the people, second class people (not citizens), even sub-humans that need to be eliminated for the good of mankind and the state. Similar tactics were present and carry the same ominous atmosphere found in the first 29 pages of The Gulag Archipelago, Chapter One, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. I keep it on my bookshelf as a ready reference and ever-present reminder of the threat that can so readily be enacted and enforced, even in our country. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” John Adams, (Founding Father).”


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