The Self-Destruction of the Self-Righteous

It is rare to see three overrated, self-righteous, liberal divas fall from their vaulted platforms in the same week but in a short 36-hour span, Sunday morning to Monday afternoon, we witnessed such a trifecta.

I’ll take the easy one first:  Stormy Daniels suing for defamation is a little like a skunk complaining of a bad smell.  Seriously, how can someone defame this “porn star”?  Her reputation was already in the toilet.  Furthermore, calling someone who has explicit sex in front of a camera for money a “star” is defaming the celestial lights in the heavens.

The media also should be called out for continually referring to her alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump 12 years ago as an “affair.”  By her own account there was only one illicit meeting between the two.   A one-off tryst lasting no more than a couple of hours is really stretching it.   

Daniels has used all the free publicity and attention lavished on her by the adoring press to up her pay for disrobing in local bars.  Don’t you know her young daughters are proud!   It’s going to take a lot more strip club appearances to pay Trump’s attorneys’ fees.  Hope she saved some of that $130,000 in blackmail money she got for signing a nondisclosure agreement.  She’s going to need it.

Daniels had an artist draw a sketch of a man whom she claims Trump hired to threaten her to keep quiet about their “affair.”  She asked the media for help in finding the would-be assailant.  Trump solved the riddle by posting a picture of a former boyfriend who is the spitting image of the man in her drawing.

Now to Diva # 2:  Elizabeth Warren was hoisted on her own petard after releasing the results of a DNA test which she claims “proves” she has Native American heritage.   As it turns out, the test is virtually useless because Native Americans are encouraged by their leaders not to contribute to the DNA pool.  As a result, the “expert” who examined Warren’s DNA had to substitute DNA from Columbia, Peru and Mexico.  Even if you accept that as an accurate way of testing, it simply proves that Warren’s DNA is no more Native American than the average Euro-American which is about .18 percent and may be even less.   In her particular case the test revealed that it is somewhere between .1 and 1.56 percent.

Warren has claimed that her great-great-great-grandmother is part Cherokee even though she can produce no evidence to that effect.  One should be proud of her heritage and most Americans are.

The difference is Sen. Warren tried to use that to advance her career as a law professor by listing herself as racial minority between the years of 1986-1995 in the Association of American Law Schools.  That likely made it possible for her to land a plum job at Harvard.  She has produced various documents and various people at Harvard to assure the public that this played no role in her hiring.  Then why did Harvard list her as a “woman of color” in response to criticism on their lack of diversity?  You can’t have it both ways.

After Warren was called out by a political opponent, she doubled-down and became an unsolicited spokesperson for Native American women.  To add insult to injury, she now claims that she listed herself as a minority simply “to meet people of similar heritage.”  Please!  Prior to being called out she had shown no interest in the Native American people.

Now the Cherokee Nation has issued a statement blasting her for the ruse and her fellow Democrats are unhappy over her timing.  Why did she have to call attention to this terrible lack of judgement just before the midterms?  To get it out well before making a run for president, no doubt.   The real irony is that her claim to fame as a senator is calling people out for abusing their power.

Which brings us to diva #3.  Hillary Clinton was asked in a CBS interview if she thought her husband’s (real) affair with a White House intern was an abuse of power?  She shamelessly defended him from the charge because Lewinsky was (technically) “an adult.”  When asked if he should have resigned, she answered, “Absolutely not!”

What else could she do?  The woman who came within a hair’s breadth of becoming president owes her entire legal and political career to this man.  That is why she clung to this serial womanizer all these years and cleaned up after his “bimbo eruptions.”

With these three, hypocrisy abounds.

3 thoughts on “The Self-Destruction of the Self-Righteous

  1. Only a leftist would use a meaningless phrase like “people of color” and attach such importance to ethnicity. Apparently “people of color” is a category including all ethnic groups except Europeans. If a conservative patriot lumped most of Humanity into a single category he would be accused of racism. Are dark-complexioned Europeans from Sicily “White” while light-skinned Japanese are “colored”? Are Jews with a good deal of Middle Eastern ancestry “White” while red-haired Afghans (not uncommon) are “people of color”?
    For people who accuse everyone with whom they disagree on any issue of “racism,” leftists seem obsessively concerned with race.


  2. Three down, several more to go! Feinstein, Pelosi, McCaskill, and the Hollywood female crowd too numerous to list. Fauxcahantus was a classic, and Stormy Abnormy calmed “unprotected” in a film clip I saw when asked the question. Do you think a man who is so protective of his health (never having an alcoholic drink on the advice and actions of his older brother) would come within 10 feet of that potential disease-death-threat? Anyone who believes her accusation should contact me, I have a bridge in New York for sale at a really discounted price. And any sound out of Hilary’s mouth is tainted, considering the source, Crooked Hilary. And all withing a day and a half – yes! There is a God!


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