Why Expect Mexico to Save Us? (We must Save Ourselves)

It is laughable to suggest that Mexico should be the one to stop the caravans of migrant gatecrashers headed to the U.S. when we seem powerless to stop them ourselves.  Get Serious!  Mexico can’t seem to fix the potholes on the sidewalks of its major cities.  Why should we expect this country to defend us?

It would be nice but it is a pipe dream, nothing more.

Cooperation is another story.  We should expect, no insist, that Mexico cooperate with us as we attempt to corral these people and send them back to their countries of origin.  The same cooperation should come from the other Central American countries that receive American largess.   However, we should not expect any of these countries to do something we aren’t willing to do for ourselves.  They simply do not have the manpower or resources that we do.

It would be laughable, if it were not so serious, to say that the United States can’t send the military and/or National Guard to defend this country against invasions, even those that put defenseless women and children on the front lines.

We elected Trump, a man with considerable rough edges, to do what politicians have refused to do for decades — cut through all the phony-baloney rhetoric that has put our country on a downward spiral for far too long.  When it comes to trade, regulations, taxes and environmental agreements that have tied our hands and let other countries steal our industry, jobs and intellectual property, he has done that.

Now it is time for Trump to put up or shut up when it comes to defending our borders against invasion, be it economic or military.   Trump has said he will use the military if necessary.   Well it’s necessary!  Order all available military to the border and call up additional National Guard troops, but most important:  Allow them to actually do this job!

Begin staging for this mission immediately on-site.  Our troops need to be equipped for crowd and riot control.  We don’t want them shooting unarmed migrants.  They must be trained with alternate methods.  Don’t wait until the caravans get here.  It will be too late.

Give the women and children these gatecrashers put on the front lines the opportunity to go into prepared protected areas where they will receive compassionate care — not comfortable care — where they will be safe until they can be transported to their home countries.

Oh, yes, they all demand political asylum because that is what they have been trained to say.  That is their get-out-of-jail-free card and a ticket to jump the line of immigrants who have been waiting to enter this country, legally.   Therefore,  I would have judges waiting to hear these cases, in-mass, in the holding areas.  Any migrant who has crossed another country to get here is automatically disqualified.  If they say they were persecuted in Honduras, for example, they can’t say they were persecuted in all the other countries they crossed to get here.  This should take a couple of hours at most.

Then, all can be separated for transport back to their countries of origin.  These countries must allow our planes to land so their citizens can be repatriated.  If not, funds should be cut off immediately and the money used to care for them until such time as the offending government relents.  We can preposition U.S. personnel at these airports where those wishing to come here can file petitions, legally, before heading back to their individual homes.

Let us not pretend that the the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits U.S. troops from defending our borders.  That is ridiculous!  It simply prohibits the military from enforcing laws within the U.S. among its citizens and legal residents, except under certain narrow circumstances.

Immigrations groups will sue and a liberal judge may order a stay.  If so, set up camp in Mexico for this expressed purpose.  Mexico has everything to gain and nothing to lose.  It’s a lot easier and quicker than calling in the United Nations.

Lastly, some military leaders may resign.  Good reliance.  Promote those who will do the job.

This may seem harsh to some.  What do they call our do-nothing policy which encourages individuals and families to make this painful, dangerous journey in the first place?

Posse Comitatus has been used by our political leaders as a pretense for doing nothing for far too long.  The military also can be used to build a wall to make border enforcement easier.  Use the defense budget if Congress won’t appropriate funds specifically for that purpose.  Let’s get on with it!

5 thoughts on “Why Expect Mexico to Save Us? (We must Save Ourselves)

  1. Yes, use the army and whatever means they feel are necessary to stop this invasion. As for who qualifies, Jane’s comment “Any migrant who has crossed another country to get here is automatically disqualified” is as solidly correct as concrete is solid. Seeking asylum is seeking safety from some threat. As soon as relocation removes that threat, the use of “claiming asylum” is no longer valid. Common sense.

    My question is why are we not exposing the financing and logistics required to support this invasion? These people need water, food, shelter, occasional laundry or clothing and shoes and the sanitation alone must be a horrendous problem. Can you fathom 7,000 to 14,000 people using the side of the road to take care of bodily functions and relieve themselves?? Uug!!

    Someone is feeding this moving mass every day. And they are not walking the entire way. I saw (on TV coverage) two large seemingly almost-new trucks, both white as if from the same organization, with people loading aboard large flatbed trailers. Who owns them, who is driving,them, who is paying for the fuel? This should be reported to us, the threatened target. And I suspect several of the mobile mob has been paid something to be a part of this invasion force. From whom and how much?

    As for Farah’s article of 2011, I felt it was weak. Actually, I’ve read some of his writing over the years and have never felt he hit the mark. A good Bible scholar might gather together several scripture sources that cites that defense of our borders is acting in the best interests of a nation to protect its people. If this mob arrives at our border, probably somewhere in Texas or New Mexico, those states being the closest, water cannons, tear gas, and other less than deadly tools may have to be used. Can you imagine these so-called me, using some women and children mixed into the group to hide behind? But the end result must be that not one, not even one, of these willful intruders ever crosses our southern border.


    1. Right on, as always. I’m glad to see that you are still posting comments; given our age, I’m glad to see that you are still alive. I had a heart attack in June and literally died, but modern medical science revived me, and I have partly returned to this world (and yes, there is another one). I trust we will both continue to do our duty as long as we are able.


      1. To Bill, I was most shocked at your revelation of a heart attack and the steps you went thru. Thank God for the modern medical science that pulled you back. I’d have contacted you occasionally but I’ve forgotten your unusual email address. I’m still at wjogger@aol.com if you’d be so kind to drop me an email. Thanks for sharing this information via a neutral communications source. Warren


  2. That’s what our military is supposed to be for: defending this nation against terrorism, nuclear attack…and invasion. We have troops stationed all over the world, fighting endless, senseless wars we never quite win, defending countries like Germany that face no credible military threat (but whose leaders, as our own have done, invite in Islamic invaders). It is time to make real use of the military and restore our borders and our sovereignty…and those not on board with this are traitors and should be treated as such.


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