The most Dangerous Uncle in America

Now that Joe Biden has officially entered the 2020 presidential race his poll numbers have continued to rise. While some have dismissed his early lead attributing it to nothing more than name recognition, this is wishful thinking by his Democratic opponents and many in the left-leaning media.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Most political races are nothing more than a beauty contest. The sad truth is that most voters can’t be bothered to study the issues, examine the backgrounds of the candidates, read their issue statements and, once the primaries are finished, read the party platforms. Sadly, most voters select their candidate the way a 7-year-old selects her Barbie doll – 2016 being a notable exception.

Joe Biden is a handsome older man. He wants you to think of him as “Uncle Joe,” your loving, dependable, sweet Uncle Joe. He is warm and cuddly, some say too cuddly. Nevertheless, he is viewed by most who know him, on both sides of the political aisle, as a “nice guy.”


While the plethora of younger, attractive candidates are creating excitement and are fun to write about and photograph, Biden can point to his experience, which in and of itself, invokes confidence.

His Democratic opponents will hurl insults and attack his record as too this or too that, but they won’t stick. Barring something unforeseen, like a health issue or a major gaff that an adoring media will be unable to cover, Biden will be the last candidate standing in the primary and will be Donald Trump’s eventual challenger.

While the Democratic Party has moved further and further to the left, its base is nowhere near what the active Twitter crowd would lead us to believe. The base is not opposed to free stuff, lower health care premiums and more job security, but not at the expense of turning the United States into a socialist country. Also, the polls show there is not widespread support for open borders and sanctuary cities, something the Democratic leadership has embraced if not in words, in deeds. Bear in mind, the Democrats didn’t take over the House of Representatives by campaigning on extreme issues, and they won’t retake the White House by embracing them.

That is another plus for Biden. He is warm, cuddly, nice and for nothing in particular. He is a blank slate. Take another look at this announcement video: In addition to bashing Trump and trying to brand him as a racist, Biden avoided any mention of political or ideological issues. Instead he presented himself as a figure of stability reciting the opening of the Declaration of Independence. He went on to tell us that in 2020, “everything that has made America, America is at stake.” In fact, he wants us to believe that it is the evil Trump who will fundamentally change the character of the nation, not Democrats, if we give him four more years.

In his early campaign events, Biden still hasn’t told us what he is for, only that he is against: Trump. He is simply ignoring the primary and is campaigning for the general. He urged supporters to choose, “Hope over fear, unity over division and truth over lies.”

Is that the new campaign slogan? Who can argue with that? However, from where I sit, it is the Democrats who simply could not accept the results of the 2016 election who have created division and spread lies, as in “Russian collusion.” But never mind all that – just choose hope.

It appears good old Joe is taking a page out of Obama’s playbook.

After the 2008 election, a friend who proudly voted for Obama sent me a picture of herself clad in a hope and change T-shirt. I asked her what she wanted to change. She replied, “I don’t know, I’m not political.”

Aside from a couple of years as a mediocre lawyer, Biden never had a real job outside of politics. His election to the Senate in a tiny state was a fluke and, unfortunately, once you are in office, you generally stay in office because voters are reluctant to fire incumbents.

Despite his many years in office, Biden’s actual accomplishments are few. He’s a political animal. He changes his position on issues more often that Lady Gaga changes outfits.

In contrast to the smooth-talking Biden, our president is rough around the edges. However, he has done more to create jobs, increase wages and cut crippling regulations than any president in my lifetime.

Sweet Uncle Joe is someone you might want to invite to dinner, but you’d better think twice before inviting him to be president.

One thought on “The most Dangerous Uncle in America

  1. A brave stance, picking the candidate so soon and from such a vast field. I think Uncle Joe is too old, doesn’t have the drive to strive for the presidency. At his age and with his low-energy persona, he will fold somewhere along the way. If not during the primary, surely he will not be able to keep up with his opposition, which will be President Trump, the Lord willing. With the hatred so heavy toward our President, I am always concerned about his safety. The crazies are out there.

    As far as our president being a little rough around the edges, I believe the public likes a down-to-earth level of conversation when being spoken to, and Trump speaks to the people, in their language. I like his style and language, often humorous, a word here and there that occasionally is below the normal accepted level of propriety, thus the people feel he is one of us, and they seem to love it. I do.

    As for another candidate for the Dems (or Dims), I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a female to run. And, like Jane wrote, picked like a 7-year old picks her Barbie Doll. The pathetic party picks by appearance and not by accomplishments, corresponding with the dictionary’s definition of Barbie Doll: (Informal) Any young woman or girl regarded variously as being superficial, vacuous, blandly attractive, etc.

    That former Attorney General of CA, whatshername, is about the type the Dims will fawn over. And she would be somewhat hard to put down in President Trump’s style – likely assuming the victim image, being verbally abused by an older man, thus gaining support as the sympathetic target of a “typical” Republican old white male.


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