The Great Congressional Con Games

Have you ever been the victim of a con?  Let me tell you about my experience in France.  My husband and I took the late night Chunnel, the undersea train that goes from London to Paris.  Tired after a day of sightseeing, we were anxious to get our money changed from British pounds to Euros and head to our hotel.

There was no one else around the terminal when we arrived at the glass-enclosed exchange booth.  As my husband handed the man on duty some money, the agent spoke softly but offered to give us a better deal if we exchanged a different amount.  My weary husband could not understand him so he bent down and put his ear to the window as he reached for his wallet.   In doing so he took his hand off the luggage he was carrying, and when he reached back to grab it, it was gone.

“Where are the police?”  I asked in disbelief.  The man in the booth pointed and we took off in that direction.  We arrived at a dead end only to discover the police station in the terminal was in the exact opposite direction.  By the time we reached the exchange booth, the attendant was gone.

It was a perfect setup.  There was a large column next to the booth on one side, behind which the thief had been hiding.  On the opposite side of the booth was the doorway for passenger pickup.  As my husband took his hand of the luggage while being distracted by the agent, the thief simply slipped out from behind the column, made off with the bag and slipped out the door.  It was a classic case of distraction and misdirection.

The other essential element in a con is that the mark is offered something he really wants.  In our case:  a better deal.

That is exactly the kind of con being run by the people you put in office to represent you in Washington.  There is a crisis of enormous proportion at our southern border.  Hundreds of thousands of people are illegally streaming into the country and we don’t have the laws or the means to keep them out, turn them back or detain and deport them.  Once inside the country, taxpayers are forced to care for their medical needs, feed, educate and house them.

There is another equally important crisis from within.  The country is hemorrhaging red ink and there is no relief in sight.  The legislative year will end without the passage of the 12 appropriations bills that make up the federal budget, again.  Faced with the now usual government shutdown at the end of the fiscal year on September 30, Congress will throw up its hands and pass another giant omnibus bill that will contain everything but the kitchen sink and a glut of new spending.

The two most important functions of the Congress are balancing the budget and protecting the citizenry.  So how do the people we elect to represent us get away with doing absolutely nothing?

It’s the classic con:  misdirection.  “Don’t look at these things (that need doing and must be done if we are to survive as a nation).  Look over here.   We are going to investigate Trump and  the Russian collusion.  Look, look, we’ve already spent $25 million taxpayer dollars on the Mueller report, but he and his highly-skilled attorneys must have missed something.  In the meantime, we are demanding the president’s tax returns (protected by our privacy laws)  in order to find something, anything, possible that he did wrong.  Don’t bother us.  Just listen to our rhetoric.  We’re busy!”

The con in the House appeals to something the victims want.  In the case of Democrats, who control the House of Representatives,  Trump’s removal.

The Senate’s con is more complicated, but it’s also classic.  It involves gaining the sympathy of the victims.   Republicans, who have control of the Senate, cry, “Gee, we’d like to solve these problems, but we can’t because of the filibuster rule which requires a series of votes and a supermajority to pass anything.”  All they have to do is vote to change this arcane rule.   The filibuster is a shell game allowing members of both parties to hide their votes and their true intentions.

By the time of the 2020 election, both parties will have run out the clock, again, having done nothing of importance.  The two crises we face will be bigger than ever and misdirected voters will be left, as we were in Paris, feeling helpless.

Who is to blame?  We are for falling for the same old cons again and again.


One thought on “The Great Congressional Con Games

  1. The JBS (John Birch Society) currently is focusing on this subject by asking (paraphrased) when are we going to hold our elected officials to the Oath of Office that they all swear to? I’m not a Bircher but receive occasional emails from them.

    As an aside, patriots should read about how the State Department squelched any informative news about the murder of Captain John Birch a few days after the end of WWII, murdered by Chinese Communists that the State Dept. felt were the proper government to encourage for taking over China. The Life of John Birch by Robt. Welsh is short and informative about the misdirection of our nation by the State Dept. which also opposed the new State of Israel in 1948.

    Back to the present, Congress has become a horrid joke that seriously threatens the progress of our nation as a free republic. The hoards that are flowing across our southern border almost make me sick to my stomach. And the cost to support them is horrendous and unconscionable considering it robs our own citizens and our own children of funds that not only would help their progress into adult life, but the final kicker is that they will be the ones shackled to the debt for repayment. A Double Whammy if ever there was one.

    I’m at a loss for solutions to make our officials do their job. Fortunately, we have a President that is doing a lot, but I believe he has the authority to do more with the Executive Orders he can implement. Maybe he has been reluctant to push the envelope with Executive Orders until the Mueller (I prefer Muler – as in a long-eared and dumb animal) Report exonerates him.

    Let’s hope he stops the overrunning of our nation by people who don’t know the first thing about how to preserve freedom, and apparently don’t have the backbone and gumption to change the crooked governments in their own countries. To do that requires intelligence and bravery, like our Minute Men of the late 18th Century, who were real men and fought the Redcoats, a seasoned, regular army.


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