Angry White Male Studies — The latest Worthless College Course

While much has been written about worthless college courses, the “Angry White Male Studies,” course, which will be offered at the University of Kansas in the fall of 2019, takes the cake.  It is right up there with a course offered at Stanford, “White Identity Politics,” and one at Hunter College in New York called the “Abolition of Whiteness.”

How is any of that garbage going to help a young person land a good job and succeed in life unless one is seeking employment as a race-baiter?  It might help if you are applying with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/Push Coaltion or Al Sharpton’s National Action Network,  non-profits in the business of shaking down businesses for contributions, concessions or contracts.  Rather limited, don’t you think?

The Angry White Male Studies course requires students take “Women, Gender, and Sexuality” 101 or 102 as a prerequisite. But of course!  What a natural transition between gender studies, i.e. radical feminism, and hating white men.  They go hand-in-hand like coffee and donuts, sugar and cream, pancakes and syrup. However, the aforementioned examples are sweet.  These new college courses are designed to leave one with a bitter taste in his or her mouth, although anyone crazy enough to sign up likely already has one.

For the record, white men have a right to be angry although most are pleasant, hardworking, honest folks.  However, they are the only group with which one can lawfully discriminate. White men also are the only group that is socially acceptable to portray as lazy or dumber than dirt in television shows or commercials. Seriously, are we to believe that white men are too stupid to run a dishwasher, find a plumber or buy a car on-line?  Enter a “smart woman” to save the day!

White men have to be near geniuses to get into a prestigious college, due to quotas and set asides.  They have a much less chance of getting a promotion, contract or grant.  They are among the last candidates considered for hire.

Due to the way our cvil rights laws have been interpreted by the courts, a company can be found guilty of discrimination unless it can “prove” itself innocent.  This has turned the legal system upside down.  Therefore, if a company can hire someone who is a minority or a woman it’s an advantage.    There is no advantage to a company if it hires a white male.

What would happen if one of our universities offered a course on “Angry Black Men”?  Can you imagine the outrage that would follow?

Jussie Smollett would be the perfect poster child for such a course.  He enjoyed the privilege of wealth and fame. Still Smollett was so angry that Donald Trump was elected over Barack Obama’s chosen successor that he staged a hate crime and got off, virtually scot-free, due to his political connections.

What would happen if a university simply offered a course on “Angry Women”?   After all there are plenty of examples one could study.  I offer the infamous “pussy” march in Washington as a case in point.  Hundreds of thousands of angry women turned out to protest the results of the 2016 election and demonstrate against the new president, presumably because of a crude locker room comment he made to a guy more than a decade ago.  Funny, I didn’t see any angry feminists demonstrating against President Clinton for having sex with an intern while in office —in the White House — no less!

These angry women routinely rail against President Trump, hurl spurious charges against him and call him all sorts of vile names, simply hoping something will stick.

So why do courses that seek to denigrate men and satisfy angry women prevail in our colleges and universities?  Perhaps it’s simply the shift in the marketplace.  Women now attend college in greater numbers than men and earn more advanced degrees.  Unfortunately, if one majors in Feminist Studies or Humanities — the umbrella under which most of these worthless Looney Tunes courses fall —she likely will never see a proper return on her investment.

Instead these angry women will be locked into teaching these same idiotic college courses to more unsuspecting students and the cycle with repeat itself.

Fortunately, more and more women are turning their attention toward degrees with a future:  science, technology, engineering or business.  Others simply bypass college and learn a good trade.

If you look for discrimination, whether a man or woman, you will find it.  If you leave anger behind and look for opportunities, they will find you.

3 thoughts on “Angry White Male Studies — The latest Worthless College Course

  1. Do you think the Democratic Party is paying colleges to offer such courses? I am personally “offended” by the Angry White Male course because I chose to marry a white male and now after learning about this course offering, he is angry!


  2. I’m starting and ending my comment with the same phrase, “Great Article! I’m amazed at the quality of thoughtfulness that is contained in this short exposition. Loved those three college courses and potential job opportunities. i might add another being “community organizer” such as our recent eight-year exposure to a notable (or notorious), self-aggrandizing non-white male.

    The prerequisite course “Women, Gender and Sexuality” leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of those who enroll but as Jane cites, they likely experience that condition already. The current cultural condemnation of white men placing them in the inept, ignorant, idiot category carries a subtle, subconscious brainwashing by the higher “education” system. And quotas and set-asides are further challenges to white male college enrollment AND employment.

    The reference to “Loony Tunes” courses and their contemptuous continuation by the course’s previous “students” (read “pre-programmed protesters”) is spot-on! Jane’s article concludes by offering discrimination vs. opportunity and the resolution being, “what you seek you will find.” Jane – Great Article!


    1. Thanks Warren, As the mother of a son I have witnessed the discrimination he suffered. All mothers and fathers of sons should be outraged. We have turned Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream upside down — that all men (of all colors) and women should be treated equally.


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