The Titanium Lady

In the last GOP debate, there is a reason that Jeb Bush, searching for a suitable woman to put on the $10 bill, came up with Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan’s British partner in the Cold War.   It was Bush’s proximity to Carly Fiorina.

The former Hewlett Packard CEO just naturally causes one to think of Lady Thatcher who was the longest-serving British Prime Minister in the 20th century and the only woman to have attained that high office.

Some would say that Fiorina was channeling the ghost of Margaret Thatcher as she calmly laid out her vision for a United States that is capable of taking on Vladimer Putin, ISIS and the rest of the world if needed. Continue reading “The Titanium Lady”

Planned Parenthood: The Most Evil Organization in America

It was a spring day in 1983, but I remember it as though it were yesterday.  I was in New York to interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson for the documentary “A Matter of Choice” at his medical office in Manhattan.

This modest brownstone was quite a comedown from the days when he ran the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health, which, at the time, was the largest free standing abortion provider in the world.  New York legalized abortion a full three years before Roe v. Wade providing Nathanson and many of his medical colleagues an opportunity to make a killing, so to speak.  CRASH, as it was called, operated around the clock, 24-hours a day.

Nathanson also was one of the founders of the National Assoication for the Repeal of Abortion Laws which, after Roe, became the National Abortion Rights Action League.  Then, he got a grant to study fetology and his life took a dramatic turn.  Continue reading “Planned Parenthood: The Most Evil Organization in America”

Trump’s Biggest Deal

(2008 Clinton Campaign ad)

It’s 3 A.M., and your children are safe and asleep but there’s a phone and  it’s ringing in the White House . . .  

          (Implication:  Whom do you want to answer?)

In 2017, if Hillary Clinton is in the White House, she will pick up the phone when it’s from Donald Trump.  She will owe him, big time, and she likely will do whatever he asks.

If Donald Trump runs as a third party candidate, the man who brags about owning politicians will own this president of the United States because he will have put her there.   If he plays his cards right, he could become the richest man in the world at our expense.  Currently on the Forbes 500, Trump is 405th.  Continue reading “Trump’s Biggest Deal”

The Power of One

Much has been written about the power of one.  One person can literally change the world.  Most of us look at such individuals as exceptional people, those blessed with a great talent or skill.  We tell ourselves, “Certainly, this doesn’t apply to people like me.”

We’re full of excuses like I’m too young or too old or too busy.  Perhaps we hesitate because our perspective is simply too large.  What if we didn’t set out to change the world, just the world around us.

Recently, I was moved by reports from two individuals, one who could be classified too young, the other too old. Continue reading “The Power of One”

The Abortion King (Just how smart can the smartest man in the world really be?)

Thanks to the staff at Media Research Center, we now know that Warren Buffett, the king of finance, is also the abortion king.

In 2006, the investment guru raised concerns in the pro-life community when he announced a plan to give away his fortune over a number of years with 83 percent of it going to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Buffett has stated that he intends to use most of his money, in his words,  “claim checks on society,”  to make the world a better place.  Then why would he entrust his vast wealth to a foundation that funnels a lot of its resources into abortion and population control?

It’s because abortion and population control are the central issues driving Buffett’s own philanthropic activities.  Yes, on the abortion front, it now appears that Mr. Buffett has left the Gates in his dust. Continue reading “The Abortion King (Just how smart can the smartest man in the world really be?)”

The Bullies Won in Arizona (and are on their way to your state)

Nobody likes a bully.  In the movies, we cheer as the bullies are defeated but in real life we often give into them simply because no one likes to be bullied.   We take the road of least resistance, even when it means giving up important, even sacred ground.

Such was the case in Arizona when Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a most reasonable bill updating the state’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”  to clarify two ambiguities in the state’s law which was modeled after the federal REFRA signed by Bill Clinton.   Specifically, this new version made it clear that one’s “free exercise of religion” does not stop when you run a business.  And that this “free exercise” not only protects you against the government but civil legal action as well.

Recently, business owners have been forced to go to great expense to defend their right to operate in a way that will not compromise the moral values they hold dear.  The lawsuits brought by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods against Obamacare’s birth control mandate are two of the most visible.   The U.S. Supreme Court will decide these cases next summer.

Ready or not, this issue is headed your way.   Continue reading “The Bullies Won in Arizona (and are on their way to your state)”

Why the Abortion Issue won’t go away

In 1983, 10 years after Roe v Wade, I interviewed Senator Bob Packwood, R-Ore., a darling of the left and the champion of abortion rights in the Republican Party, for the documentary “A Matter of Choice.”  He said, “Abortion is an issue that burns real hot and like any fire that burns red hot, it won’t be long before it burns itself out!”

Ten years later, Bob Packwood, the powerful chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, was gone.  He was forced to resign after being exposed for sexual harassment. The firestorm over abortion remains.

Abortion is still the hottest single issue on the political landscape and will play a key role in the 2014 mid-term election.  Continue reading “Why the Abortion Issue won’t go away”