Syria: Obama’s Bubba Imitation

It is popular in some circles to draw comparisons between Obama’s proposed action against Syria to Bush 43’s war in Iraq.  A far better example would be Clinton’s bombing of Iraq.  Even better: Clinton’s war on Kosovo.

Obama is simply following his Democratic idol in this latest wag-the-dog exercise.

For the uninitiated, “Wag the Dog” was a black comedy produced by Barry Levinson, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro that, in 2008, became a classic case of life imitating art. Continue reading “Syria: Obama’s Bubba Imitation”

Please Spy on Me

As a U. S. citizen, I hope my government is spying on me if . . .

  • I am phoned by known or suspected terrorists.
  • I visit bomb making sites on the internet.
  • I make contact with members of al Qaeda 
  • I attend a radical mosque.
  • I order the makings for a suicide vest.
  • I have large amounts of unexplained cash funneled into my bank account.
  • I frequent jihadist websites.
  • all my emails end with “death to America.”  Continue reading “Please Spy on Me”

Thank You Ronald Reagan

In 1977, Star Wars was the most popular movie around.  By 1984, it had become a derogatory term used by liberals to ridicule Ronald Reagan’s plan to defend this country from a nuclear attack by using space and land based interceptors that would shield us from all incoming missiles.

At that time, our only deterrence against a nuclear attack was something called  MAD, which was short for Mutual Assured Destruction.  It was an appropriate acronym.  You nuke us; Then, we’ll nuke you and together we will blow ourselves off the face of the earth and take the rest of the world with us.  Even for Reagan, a man with a strong believe in God and the hereafter, that was a terrible option.

The left went crazy when he presented this idea.  What happened to sitting cross-legged around a solar heat source with the rest of the world’s leaders and singing Kumbaya?  “We’ll get rid of our nukes.  You’ll do the same and we’ll all be friends.  Kumbaya,  kumbaya.”

“It is impossible to hit a missile with a missile!” they whined.  “It will blow up the budget and keep us from creating a perfect green world where every basic need is provided by the government.  No, no we will not waste money on this Star Wars dream of yours!” Continue reading “Thank You Ronald Reagan”

Put down your Weapons and We’ll all be Friends

The walk-on-water president, who made health care better and more affordable, is now making good on his promise to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

If you believe the former than you should have no trouble believing that his Kodak moment in Prague today, where he signed a new arms limitation agreement with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, is a step in the right direction.  If not, you have a right, no, an obligation to be skeptical.  Continue reading “Put down your Weapons and We’ll all be Friends”

Protect Your Military

Have you taken the time to thank a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine for their service to our country lately?

We owe so much to our all-volunteer force.   There is no other job that requires this kind of selfless dedication and courage.  We need the military and now the men and women on active duty need us to do something for them they cannot do for themselves.  Continue reading “Protect Your Military”

The Obama Doctrine: Apologize, Bend over… Oops!

Most post-WWII presidents have put forth doctrines designed to sum up their foreign policy challenges and solutions.

The Truman Doctrine: Support capitalism and fight against communism around the globe.

The Eisenhower Doctrine: Provide economic or military aid to any country that is being threatened by armed aggression from another state. Continue reading “The Obama Doctrine: Apologize, Bend over… Oops!”

The Marriage of China and the U.S. (Till Debt do us Part)

It’s like a bad marriage.  The U.S. and China are tied to each other in more than a trillion ways.  For the time being, both endure this partnership for the sake of their dependents and their own well-being.

The two countries will make nice today at the World Economic Summit in London.  They will smile at each other through clenched teeth, but the dislike and distrust between the two are painfully obvious.   They fool no one. Continue reading “The Marriage of China and the U.S. (Till Debt do us Part)”