No Tears for Mandela

Every generation needs heroes.  However the elevation of Nelson Mandela to sainthood  by an adoring world is not only wrong, it is a slap in the face to all those who suffered irreparable loss directly by his hands or by the hands of African National Congress/South African Communist Party mobs.

Mandela denied any involvement in the Soviet-backed SACP, which is tantamount to denying that his hands were not part of his body.  There are numerous pictures of Mandela by the side of SACP leader Joe Slovo underneath the hammer and sickle, hands raised, giving the communist clinched-fist salute  http:/

Mandela was one of the people who helped transform the ANC from an organization dedicated to bringing about reform through peaceful political means into one committed to the violent overthrow of the government.

Mandela was charismatic and adept at political expediency, often doing what was right, but often doing what most certainly was wrong. Continue reading “No Tears for Mandela”

Please Spy on Me

As a U. S. citizen, I hope my government is spying on me if . . .

  • I am phoned by known or suspected terrorists.
  • I visit bomb making sites on the internet.
  • I make contact with members of al Qaeda 
  • I attend a radical mosque.
  • I order the makings for a suicide vest.
  • I have large amounts of unexplained cash funneled into my bank account.
  • I frequent jihadist websites.
  • all my emails end with “death to America.”  Continue reading “Please Spy on Me”

The Green Screen President

The average moviegoer is ill-equipped to tell the difference between live-action filmed on location and that which is created in the air-conditioned comfort and safe environment of a film studio. In such an environment, there is no danger. The attacking forces or impending peril is simply projected on a green screen behind the actors whose movements are carefully choreographed by a script.

That was the vision that came to mind Tuesday when our president was escorted to a podium in the safe confines of the United Nations’ building in New York to give an address against the familiar backdrop of its green marble wall. Continue reading “The Green Screen President”