Girl Scouts to the Troops: “We’re NOT radical!”

The Girl Scouts hierarchy has issued a “Communications Alert” to Council CEOs and Board Chairs to try to put out the firestorm created by the launch of the new “leadership” program inspired by the Ashland Institute and created with the help of the Oxford Leadership Academy.

The new program will take the Girl Scouts on a series of age-specific “journeys” that culminate with the Senior Scouts becoming “ambassadors” to change the world for the global good. However, much of the current emphasis has been on the recruitment of adults who are being trained to become “guides” for the girls on these journeys.

Many believe that the new program is an indoctrination into the New Age movement. Continue reading “Girl Scouts to the Troops: “We’re NOT radical!””

The Girl Scouts Journey to the New Age

Before you take a journey, you need to know the destination. This summer the Girl Scouts are inviting members to set out a journey of “change” that is billed as a “leadership experience.” However, it was inspired by a New Age group and it may take you or your daughter to a place that is not compatible with your faith or values. Continue reading “The Girl Scouts Journey to the New Age”

Don’t Buy the Cookies!

I used to dread this time of year. In the month of March, Girl Scouts are out in force in their smart little green and brown uniforms selling cookies. There was a time I would buy a box from every girl I encountered as a payback for my positive scouting experience.

However, buying that box of cookies now presents a moral dilemma as the Girl Scouts have become a training ground for the left-wing feminist agenda.
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Confessions of a former Girl Scout

I used to hate this time of year. My stomach was in knots as I encountered eager young girls dressed in smart green or brown uniforms selling Girl Scout cookies.There was a time when I simply bought a box from every young girl I encountered. It didn’t matter how many boxes I already had at home. I simply bought more. I thought of it as a way to pay back the people who bought them from me in my youth. Also, I was giving other young girls a chance to enjoy the scouting experience.


As much as it hurts me to turn down a cute little girl, wide-eyed with the anticipation of her next sale, I simply can’t do it anymore!

It’s not that I don’t want to support scouting. It’s just that I cannot continue to support what the Girl Scouts have become: a tool of the radical feminist movement, anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality. Continue reading “Confessions of a former Girl Scout”