Blue Bloods Has People of Faith Seeing Red

Like many Christians, I have looked forward to each new episode of the Blue Bloods television show.  It is in its 5th season and attracts more viewers than any other primetime drama on Friday night.

It follows the Reagan family of police officers with the New York City Police Department. Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is the police commissioner.  The show has been refreshing in that the Reagan family’s Catholic faith has been front and center in every episode, with no apologies.

Though each family member is presented as flawed, as we all are, they all try to do the right thing.  When they stray, they get back on track as they live out their faith — until recently. Continue reading “Blue Bloods Has People of Faith Seeing Red”

Poor Pitiful Hillary

It took “a village” to write Hillary’s latest tome, but it may take a city-sized team of professionals to get her out of this latest debacle.

In the acknowledgements for “Hard Choices” Hillary credits her “book team” for “making sense of her scribbles.”  Nevertheless, this experienced politician committed a colossal blunder in one of the first interviews to promote her latest memoir, which is seen as a dry run for her 2016 presidential campaign.

One wonders how ABC anchor Diane Sawyer managed to keep a straight face Monday night when one of the most pampered women in the world opined:

“We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt,”  Boohoo!  Sob, Sob! “We had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”

Either Hillary thinks the country has collective amnesia or she believes that the America people are so dumb that we have no knowledge of anything except the little bits of information she decides to feed us when it serves her purpose.

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No Tears for Mandela

Every generation needs heroes.  However the elevation of Nelson Mandela to sainthood  by an adoring world is not only wrong, it is a slap in the face to all those who suffered irreparable loss directly by his hands or by the hands of African National Congress/South African Communist Party mobs.

Mandela denied any involvement in the Soviet-backed SACP, which is tantamount to denying that his hands were not part of his body.  There are numerous pictures of Mandela by the side of SACP leader Joe Slovo underneath the hammer and sickle, hands raised, giving the communist clinched-fist salute  http:/

Mandela was one of the people who helped transform the ANC from an organization dedicated to bringing about reform through peaceful political means into one committed to the violent overthrow of the government.

Mandela was charismatic and adept at political expediency, often doing what was right, but often doing what most certainly was wrong. Continue reading “No Tears for Mandela”

Leno Gets a Lesson in Cruz Control

Jay Leno is a car aficionado.  He collects them. He knows them.  He works on them and delights in driving them.

However, Friday night the junior senator from Texas gave the late night comic a lesson on one option he may have missed, Cruz control.

I am a big Leno fan.  I’m rarely up that late but I tape his shows and watch his opening monologue the next night for laughs.

His political jokes are sometimes over the top, but, for the most part, they accurately reflect what is going on in Washington and give us some much-needed comedy relief.  His barbs are often cleaver and insightful.

Another thing I appreciate about Leno is that he picks on everyone, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians.  It makes no difference. Continue reading “Leno Gets a Lesson in Cruz Control”

Media Fiddles while U.S. Burns

The unrest in Egypt is unsettling.   The possibility that the country could fall under the control of the Muslin Brotherhood would cause numerous dangerous problems.  The news media is in hyperdrive covering events in Cairo.  Unfortunately, what we are seeing on the nightly news and most cable outlets could be described as “all Egypt, all the time.”  As a result, the American public is being poorly served.

This is a seminal moment in the life of our country.  The actions taken by our elected representatives over the next few weeks are critical to our survival as a free and prosperous nation.

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Bobble Heads vs. Wing Nuts

The bobble heads who rule the two major political parties refer to outsiders as “wing nuts,” which is short for “right-wing nuts.”  No bobble head ever views a left-winger as a “nut.”  If so, he or she keeps quiet about it.   To do otherwise might make one appear  “extreme” and the left-wing bobble heads, which dominate the news media, would say or write mean things about them.

Bobble heads are those little plastic dolls that are images of major the political figures. They show up every election year on the dashboards and office desks of the party faithful.  Unfortunately, party leaders, behave in much the same way as these miniature  characters.   With the slightest breeze or movement, the heads of these dolls bob up and down on a spring.  They are incapable of nodding right to left as if saying “no.”   In fact, the party establishment seems incapable of saying “no” to anything proposed by the party’s top elected official, no matter how unreasonable or harmful an idea may be.     Continue reading “Bobble Heads vs. Wing Nuts”

Open Letter to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly

I am a fan.  I have purchased “factor gear” for my husband.  I record your television show and generally see at least half of the program every day. I admire your efforts to stand up for “the folks.”  It is little wonder that your show is the number one program out of all the cable news channels.

I thank you for your coverage on George Tiller and how he made his blood money.

However, in your effort to be fair, balanced and factual you often tie yourself up in knots on the issue of abortion and I beg you to reconsider the language you use in debating this issue in order to be consistent and clear while remaining on solid scientific ground. Continue reading “Open Letter to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly”

The Gospel According to Newsweek

Christians believe that the Bible is “God-breathed,” handed down, unchanged throughout the ages by the Creator himself.

Then, along comes Newsweek. In next week’s cover story, “Our Mutual Joy,” Lisa Miller advocates for gay marriage and tells us that God really didn’t mean all those explicit pronouncements against homosexuality in his holy Word. Continue reading “The Gospel According to Newsweek”

The Veep’s Shooting Rampaige

Vice President Dick Cheney ccidentally sprayed a friend with birdshot while hunting quail on a private ranch and the press corps went nuts:

  • What did the president know and when did he know it?
  • Why wasn’t the incident reported for 15 hours?
  • Why did the Secret Service prevent local authorities from talking to Cheney about the incident?
  • Why did Katharine Armstrong refuse to reveal that Pamela Willeford, the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland, was hunting alongside Cheney and his “victim”?

The hyperbole on ABC’s “Good Morning America” was really over the top:

Charlie Gibson:

We’re going to go next to the growing political fallout from all this. Why didn’t the White House tell everyone when this accident happened? Why did they wait so long? And did that make a bad situation even worse?

What political fallout? What made it a bad situation? Was Cheney’s victim – longtime friend and lawyer Harry Whittington – in any real danger? Worse, was he going to sue?

Gibson throws it to Jessica Yellin at the White House. Yellin:

Good morning, Charlie, It took the vice president’s office nearly 24 hours to go public with news of this shooting (note the implication here). That delay has prompted some speculation online and on talk radio that perhaps Mr. Cheney was hoping to cover up the incident. But a spokesperson with Mr. Cheney’s office flatly rejects that notion, insisting that they waited to talk to the news media about the shooting because they deferred to the owner of the ranch, Mrs. Armstrong, about what had taken place on her property.

Interesting how ABC has nothing but disdain for Internet news sites, but uses the Internet in a broad sense to suggest that there might be a cover-up. “Don’t blame us. We had to report it because it was on the Internet.

Why didn’t ABC follow-up on the Oct. 14, 2001, incident at Westchester County Airport in which Sen. Hillary Clinton’s car injured a police officer after running a security checkpoint. That story was widely reported by Internet news sites and was a lot more significant.

When Ms. Clinton’s car refused to stop, Officer Earnest Dymond, believing he was pursuing a terrorist, bravely clung to the door of her black van pounding on the window. He was drug for about 100 yards before her driver finally brought the vehicle to a halt.

It seems highly unlikely that a member of her Secret Service detail would have taken it upon himself to run that checkpoint unless ordered to do so.

Did Sen. Clinton visit Dymond at the Saint Agnes Hospital in White Plains or later at his home? Did she even apologize? No!

She wasn’t even late for a plane. It was a private jet – not an airliner – that was waiting to take her to a fund-raiser.

How long was Dymond out of work and was there a cover-up? According to follow-up reports, Officer Dymond was not allowed to discuss his injuries or the accident. Where were NBC and the major news publications that have milked the Cheney story?

Isn’t running down a cop a lot more serious than accidentally spraying a friend with birdshot on a hunting trip?

And, how long did it take Sen. Edward Kennedy to report the accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne? Presumably, long enough for his blood alcohol level to return to normal. The police took his word that he was not intoxicated even though there were many witnesses who could have been called to testify that he consumed alcohol throughout the day and night of the accident.

The very idea that he is still in the Senate and – worse still – allowed to sit on the Judiciary Committee is ludicrous! If the media had properly done its job, this would not be the case!

Mr. Whittington suffered a mild silent heart attack due to the fact that one BB landed near the heart muscle and caused some irritation. He is in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery. Any birdshot that was extracted likely was extracted with tweezers – the kind used on John Kerry’s war injuries.

Anne Armstrong, the matriarch at the ranch put the whole thing in perspective when she told the Washington Post that these things happen “occasionally down here.” Armstrong pointed out that both her ranch foreman and her daughter have embedded pellets from such accidents.

Yes, they have “real women” in Texas who aren’t afraid to go hunting.

What we need is more “real reporters” in Washington who aren’t afraid to do a little hunting of their own.